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Numiscollection : Coins and Banknotes coming from all over the world

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From African banknotes to American banknotes, via Asian banknotes, banknotes from Europe or Oceania, travel the world in search of new treasures...


French Coins

All periods are represented: medieval, royal, revolutionary, Napoleonic, modern, or colonial.


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April 28th, 29th, and 30th, 2023 MIF Paper Money Fair Maastricht

MIF 2023 is a significant event for numismatic enthusiasts, featuring over 200 exhibitors and occupying a space of 3,500 square meters.

Numiscollection will be present to share our passion and expertise in banknotes and coins. Don't miss the opportunity to discover some treasures and exchange ideas with fellow enthusiasts during this event.

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Mali's Banknote

The site for all collectors!

Welcome to NumisCollection, the website for all numismatic and banknotes enthusiasts!

Discover all our banknotes and collectible coins from around the world as well as our tokens and medals, through our categories "French banknotes", "world banknotes", "antique coins", "French coins", "world coins" and

“Europan coins”.

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Numiscollection specialist in numismatics

French banknotes

Find more than 4000 French banknotes from 1700 to today. These numerous old collector's notes come in many forms: assignats, law bank notes, French bank notes, treasury bills, necessities and trust notes. These denominations are graded PCGS, PMG or ICG.

World banknotes

At Numiscollection you will find thousands of banknotes from Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Oceania, including francs, old and modern dollars, books and of course polymer banknotes. Specialized in the purchase and sale of new and old foreign banknotes from 1368 to today, you will discover each month many new items.

Antique Coins

Find every month our collection of old and new coins of period; Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Oriental, Gallic and even Roman province. You will also find other ancient coins such as sesterces, denarii, antoninians, solidus, drachmas and tetradrachmas. These ancient coins are available in bronze, silver or gold.

French coins

Discover all our old French coins available for sale through our categories: Medieval, Royal, Modern, Colonial and DOM-TOM as well as graduated coins and don't forget our commemorative coins in francs. Our collection of French coins is available in gold, silver, bronze, nickel, copper or aluminium.

Coins of the world

Discover our selection of more than 15,000 American, Asian, African and Oceanic collector and commemorative coins from 1500 to today. These coins can be gold, silver, bronze, bi-metal, nickel or aluminium.

Euro coins

Discover our latest acquisitions of Euro coins. A range of all Eurozone countries, including 2 Euro commemorative coins, BU and BE sets, the microstates of Andorra, San Marino, Vatican and Monaco.

Numismatic Supplies

In this section you will find all the materials you need for optimal collecting. As a supplier of the Leuchtturm, Safe and Linder brands, find the right accessories for storing coins and banknotes. Frames, albums, sheets, capsules, cases, protective boxes, pockets, coin cases, sorting and storage devices. In addition to accessories, you can find the latest numismatic literature, such as coin and banknote notation books and scientific books on the subject.

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